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Building brands

that make a difference.


We provide business owners with a passionate, trusted team of brand and marketing experts, so they can focus on what matters – building their business and making a positive impact on the world.

A full brand design & marketing agency, at your fingertips.

NOK NOK can allow you to dream big and focus on building your business by supporting you in all your brand & marketing endeavors.

Everything you need for incredible value.

For less than the cost of hiring a complete team, you can have your own marketing team, consisting of brand manager, graphic designer, website developer, content writer, digital marketer and marketing manager – it’s a no-brainer really.

Look no further.

Brand Design & Strategy

To craft an effective brand strategy, it is important to understand what your brand stands for and the extraordinary impact it hopes to make on the world.

Digital Marketing Solution

We use modern digital marketing strategies to attract, engage, and nurture the audiences your brand needs for growth. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine…

Creative Marketing Solution

We take time to understand your business, your market, your priorities and goals. Then we carefully craft a strategy to help you move the needle, with measurable results.

Communication Strategy

Why develop a communication strategy? The importance of planning an effective communication tactic(s) will impact your brand/business positively.


Whether is to protect your band or create a ‘terms and conditions’ for your product, service or promotion – #noknok can create, develop specific write ups to protect you.

Product Design & Development

Are your products / services working?   Have you tried our marketing mix?  You have an idea? Get in touch now and turn your idea(s) into reality!

Website Design & Development

A website is like your business identity. Develop an attractive and stunning digital identity through our website development services. Need to improve you current…

Promotional Merchandise

Whether you’re looking for business promotional items or simply saying thank you, it’s easy to create professional-looking corporate swag…


Are your products / services working?   Have you tried promoting your business?  Get access to create your best pictures for your products / service.  We have a range of professional photographers ready for you!   


Professional Drone Services

Bring outsized attention, value, and spectacular drama to the property you’re selling or the product you’re promoting, with stunning HD custom drone videos and aerial photography shot with 4K UltraHD camera technology!

Social Media Management

Do you have existing social media platforms? When was the last time you made a post to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok site?


It began with a vision to help businesses and individuals tell their stories.

NOK NOK was founded by Eric Kalterikia in 2015 at the age of 22 when he discovered a way to encourage, train, assist and help individuals turn their ideas, passion and gifts into a reality and help businesses tell their stories.

Since its establishment, NOK NOK has been growing significantly in Vanuatu working with experts from different fields of expertise – exploring, identifying, improving and building brands with unique identity.


We Make it Easy to Connect With Clients On Every Platform

Whether you’re reaching out online or offline, our team can ensure you reach your clients and potential clients on every platforms through effective marketing, advertising, communication and digital marketing tools and tactics.


Recent Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Website Design & Development

Success Stories

“I was very pleased to be introduced to your services as the input and speed with which you have treated our business has been a surprising and rewarding experience for us in this country where good services such as your own are very hard to find, which when combined with your lateral thinking makes for a great product, you have our continual support and always will and we wish you well for the future, Chris.”

Chris Kernot


“We are heavy user of NOK NOK.

They have always been willing to accommodate our orders and we have always been happy with the finished product.

We are glad that there is a company, like NOK NOK, in Vanuatu that can be entrusted with our orders giving us peace of mind.”

Rie Doyama

Projects and Office Manager, Titan FX Vanuatu

“We have been so blessed coming into contact with NOK NOK, the level of professionalism, commitment and speed of service is just incredible. We could bring our ideas and NOK NOK has that incredible capability, passion and drive to put it all together,  into shapes and colours, that tells your story just as you would like people to know about you. Their service has elevated our image to a whole new level and for that we are very grateful.”

Tony Joel Alvos

Director, VORTEX Works & Services l VORTEX Consulting Engineers

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Titan FX Vanuatu
Vodafone Vanuatu
HSEQ Vanuatu
Sanma Vision 2030
Sanma Vision 2030

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